Our Goal

Your website is your online store front, your business’ personality and it must reflect to your customers why you are the business for them over your competitors.

What we do

Creative Sites

Developing a website takes a real understanding of your business, your customer and your goals. At Speckled Egg we take the time to understand your brand and what you are looking to achieve before the creative work begins.


Customer interaction is essential today for any forward-thinking business and an app means your business is front of mind and easily accessible. Speckled Egg can build a bespoke app encouraging your customers to engage with you throughout their customer journey, meaning there is no need to go anywhere else to fulfil their needs.


Not your average web hosting, we ensure your website has 99.9% uptime for reliability, to keep your website up to date, fully optimised and current, we’ll have regular meetings and update your site so it’s a top performer.


Our track record means you can have confidence that when we make a promise to you, we WILL deliver.

We work WITH you

We can’t do it alone, we have the web know-how and you know your business. We're made for each other.


We only promise what we know we can achieve. Let’s be real, we choose to be open and honest because that’s the best way to do business and build lasting relationships.

We add VALUE

In a world of plain eggs, be the speckled egg, stand out.